"Be the person you always dreamed of being"

Be the person you always dreamed of being. Love your mind, body and spirit and you will find wellness. You are made to change! Live big, dream big and be happy with the time you have spent here.

  • Experience
  • Areas of expertise
  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Functional Movement Coach- Strongman, Primal Movement

  • Fundamentals of Mobility for Functional Training

  • Kettle-bell Fundamentals

  • Science of Pad Work- Boxing for Life

  • Exercise Prescription and Programming

  • Coaching Essentials – Blanchard International

  • Weight loss / Fat loss

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Womens Strength Training

  • Strongman Training

  • Holistic focus – Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Sports Conditioning

Classes taken by Lucy

I was able to drop 5.1% Body Fat and increase my Lean Muscle by 1.9kg with Lucy. The one thing I love about Lucy (there are more) is her professionalism. I also have to say the vibe is brilliant! The process is detailed, tailored and works effectively when followed. I feel so much better now, I sleep better, I function better, my mobility and strength have dramatically increased, I generally feel healthier. Lucy has persevered with the ups and downs along the way. Always encouraging, and technically proficient she is the best personal trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Even when Lucy is telling me what I don’t want to hear..

Phillip Naughton