Strength and Conditioning

400-600 kcal burned


Level: Hard
Class size

Building functional fitness from the ground up

The PumpedFIT Strength and Conditioning group fitness classes are structured to challenge all components of fitness. Here you will maximise your strength, develop your power and build your endurance through performing constantly varied movements and lifts. You can expect to use a wide variety of equipment which you would usually only find in a gym: barbells, squat racks, bumper plates, kettlebells, and sleds, as well as tyres, ropes, plyometric boxes and more. In an average Strength and Conditioning group fitness class, you could use any or all of this equipment for strength training and to challenge all components of your fitness. This will see you performing Olympic lifting movements, all major lifts along with an array of other weight based movements. We will not only increase your strength and build your body conditioning, but also educate you with
our training methods so you can put them into practice wherever you go!


Our personal trainers are fully qualified and on hand to monitor your progress to ensure you are getting the best results out of your Strength and Conditioning class. We’ll help you keep track of your goals and ensure improvements in your strength, power and endurance.

Unlimited Group Fitness
Unlimited access to ALL group fitness classes at our Coorparoo Studio and outdoors at our Kangaroo Point location! That's 37 sessions per week, ranging from Strength & Conditioning, MetCon 45, Olympic Lifting, Boot camp and BoxFIT

Outdoor Group Fitness
Access to all our fun and challenging outdoor group fitness classes at Raymond park, Kangaroo Point or George Clayton Park, Wynnum / Manly! Plenty of unique outdoor group fitness classes to choose from, for one low price.