Olympic Power Lifting

300-500 kcal burned


Level: Hard
Class size

A unique class designed to build strength, power and muscle, training your body to tackle any challenge.

PumpedFit’s Olympic Power Lifting group fitness class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of all Olympic based movements, including the clean, snatch and jerk. As you punch out session after session, you’ll develop the strength and power required to increase the weight you’re lifting. You will increase your mobility and build sound range of motion, which you will carry over into your other group fitness classes and daily life.


This is the sort of unique strength and power training you would usually have to struggle to work out for yourself in a gym, but with PumpedFIT’s Olympic Power Lifting group fitness class, you can actually enjoy learning about weight lifting and seeing positive results. At our fully fitted-out Studio in Coorparoo, Brisbane, you’ll have the necessary equipment available for a great workout, and our qualified personal trainers will make sure you are making adaptions and building upon your foundation in each session.


Expect to use barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and increasing amounts of weight to push yourself hard under the care of our experienced weight lifting coaches. Your trainers will monitor your form and technique, ensuring you are pulling off the Olympic power lifting movements correctly and efficiently, with ever-increasing strength and power.

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