Mobility, Flexibility and Rehabilitation

100-200 kcal burned


Level: Moderate
Class size

Finish your week with a group fitness class designed to improve your mobility and flexibility promoting recovery and growth.

Mobility, Flexibility and Rehabilitation is a studio-based group fitness class that runs out of our Coorparoo Studio. This class utilizes principles of flexibility through the use of foam rollers, broom sticks, stretching, massage and functional full range movements to enhance mobility. This class will see you moving more comfortably and freely in all PumpedFIT classes and will carry over into everyday life. Your body will thank you as this class promotes recovery and growth allowing you to improve your overall performance.


This is a class for everyone, and everyone can benefit from greater flexibility and range of motion. Mobility and flexibility promotes greater range of motion, increased strength and efficiency of movements, resulting in improvement in form, technique and overall results.

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