600-700 kcal burned


Level: Hard
Class size

A fast-paced and fun boxing based group fitness class that will get your blood pumping and core burning.

PumpedFIT’s Box FIT group fitness class is the place to be for getting your heart rate up and burning calories fast. Based on elements of boxing including all variants of punches, kicks and movements found in our standard Boxing class, Box FIT focuses on speed, agility and activating your core, while ensuring your technique is not compromised.


Use the techniques you learn in our Box FIT class under the instruction of our qualified personal trainers to get your body moving and burn calories fast. The trainers will keep an eye on your form, allowing you to focus on moving through the routine quickly and pushing yourself to new speeds and levels of intensity.


Mixing in a variety of body weight exercises like pushups, situps, squats, and many more, you’ll always find something new and challenging at a Box FIT class that will leave you feeling pumped. Our fast-paced Box FIT group fitness class in the beautiful outdoors at Kangaroo point.

Unlimited Group Fitness
Unlimited access to ALL group fitness classes at our Coorparoo Studio and outdoors at our Kangaroo Point location! That's 37 sessions per week, ranging from Strength & Conditioning, MetCon 45, Olympic Lifting, Boot camp and BoxFIT

Outdoor Group Fitness
Access to all our fun and challenging outdoor group fitness classes at Raymond park, Kangaroo Point or George Clayton Park, Wynnum / Manly! Plenty of unique outdoor group fitness classes to choose from, for one low price.