Boot Camp

600-700 kcal burned


Level: Intense
Class size

Test your physical and mental strength in our Boot Camp for the ultimate full body workout.

PumpedFIT’s Boot Camp group fitness class is designed to push you to your perceived limits and beyond. This functional training class combines body weight and equipment-based exercises in a fast-paced and challenging routine that never goes the same way twice. Boot camp’s functional training builds up your overall fitness in all areas, including strength, power, speed, endurance, agility, cardiovascular fitness and more. Using cross-training equipment like medicine balls, sand bags and the like, boot camp will lead you through a maze of challenging exercises that will guarantee fitness results.


Some group fitness Boot Camp classes are more heavily based on military drills, but at PumpedFIT we take a broader approach to cross-training for fitness. No yelling or intimidation required: just encouragement, helpful advice and the support of your trainer and the rest of the group. The Boot Camp workout is made all the more enjoyable by the social interaction you’ll have with other boot camp participants, and the extra space and freedom afforded by outdoor group fitness at our location in Kangaroo Point.


As with all PumpedFIT outdoor group fitness classes, our cross-training boot camp is always different, using a variety of exercises to keep you coming back for more. You’ll push limits you’ve never known and you’ll have fun at boot camp. So if you’re keen to see an improvement in all aspects of your fitness, come to a cross-training boot camp session and see what all the hype is about.

Unlimited Group Fitness
Unlimited access to ALL group fitness classes at our Coorparoo Studio and outdoors at our Kangaroo Point location! That's 37 sessions per week, ranging from Strength & Conditioning, MetCon 45, Olympic Lifting, Boot camp and BoxFIT

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Access to all our fun and challenging outdoor group fitness classes at Raymond park, Kangaroo Point or George Clayton Park, Wynnum / Manly! Plenty of unique outdoor group fitness classes to choose from, for one low price.