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Workout of the week (WOW)

21 x Squat thruster (40/20)

9 x toes to bar

15 x Squat thruster (40/20)

15 x toes to bar

9 x Squat thruster (40/20)

21 x toes to bar


Test yourself for time! This session is designed to be both hard and fast. Drop the weights to ensure you can keep moving with limited rest periods.

  • 40kg standard squat thrusters for males (scale down as needed).
  • 20kg standard squat thrusters for females (scale down as needed).
  • Toes to bar: scaled down to knees to elbow or knees to chest.


author: PumpedFIT

PumpedFIT offers affordable personal training and outdoor group fitness sessions in Coorparoo and Kangaroo Point.